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computer chair

Computer chair has been widely popular in the people's work and learning and production sites. Ergonomic, conducive to health.
, In accordance with applicable local
Usually have the following categories:
1) Chair: applies to production plants and other workplaces, chair of the composition is simple. 2) Student Chair: apply to schools and meeting places. The simple composition of the same chair.
3) chair of the staff: widely used in office environments, chairs, small size, take up less space.
4) Executive Chair: chairs or larger, occupied places is too large, usually the user for a class of management personnel.
5) Executive Chair: Also known as the boss chair, the appearance of the atmosphere.
6) the chair of the meeting: the appearance of new, stylish comfort of the chair is not the first element of the designer.
Second, the fabric sub-
Usually have the following categories:
1) Ma Rong chair: work chair, staff chair, Executive Chair with.
2) mesh chairs: a few years ago, Executive Chair, Conference Chair, the classes before the chair, using more of such fabric chair with strong permeability, the relative fitness of sedentary. Now in the staff chair to get used a lot.
3) leather chair: office chair, the most used. Leather: leather, leather points. More than 95 percent of imitation leather.
4) anti-static chair: the chair surface anti-static treatment, or anti-static accessories and fabrics.


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