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funky office chairs

Routine maintenance of funky office chairs:
An office chair should be used as much as possible so that the center of gravity in the middle of the pressure lever, the gas strut lift rotating light and flexible; office chair for a long time after use should be a routine check on the screws are loose, if loose due to timely tighten; spring and the knob is loose, the spring should be adjusted according to the user's own weight stretch, make the back of the chair to return freely, relying on the most comfortable is appropriate.
2 is forbidden to sit or place heavy objects on the sofa, office chair armrest.
Should strictly follow the instructions to go from time to time to maintain office chair, so as to extend its service life.
Not office chairs As the sun underground place for too long, it would be the aging of some of the plastic, resulting in the phenomenon of hydrogen embrittlement.
Handling should move light, pay special attention to avoid a collision.
Sedentary often should beat the location and the edge of being sedentary, make restitution, to reduce the recoil concentrated depression phenomenon.


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