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mesh computer chair

Mesh computer chair, composition and quality factors:
A .Casters: Casters, of PU wheel (soft material is suitable in the wood floor, and room).
B. Legs:
The bow-shaped frame (metal frame or wooden):
The thickness of the metal framework of a direct impact on a chair life. Surface treatment: spray paint, paint (surface gloss, not easy to paint stripping), plating (a wooden frame can not plating), plating quality, was not easy to rust. Now most of the chairs plating quality is not good. Within three months does not rust even better. Usually plating quality is good, look at the polished surface, surface and weld and grind, plating may like point. And plating products are not environmentally friendly, developed countries have strict control of the plating treatment plants, the number of inputs and environmental facilities.
C .gas lever also known as stretch down the lever used to adjust the height and rotation of the chair. The internal gas bar is filled with high-pressure gas. Before the invention of the gas lever, the chair height and rotation by gong pole to adjust, not enough due to the use of humane and eliminated.
D. chassis hold up Seat part, the following gas bar connected. Chair chassis of the retail price of 160 yuan casing, use a long, easy to split, shake, easy to some is not enough thickness of iron, the amount of caliper, only 1.7mm thick, usually have a 1.9mm thick considered can . The chassis of the spring, a lot of length insufficient or no heat treatment. Heat treatment had a new spring, the surface of the liver-colored, rather than the true qualities of iron.
E. Seat wood, sponge, fabric.


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